Body movement and health improvement

The effects of regular exercise are well known, but it is surprisingly hard to find those who realize that flexible joints and regular stretching are also essential to maintaining optimal health and improving the efficiency of physical activity.

Stretching, which is generally known to be performed before and after exercise, improves flexibility, physical strength and muscle strength and improves athletic performance. In addition, stretching helps reduce muscle pain or muscle tension, prevent injuries, or recover from injuries.

Steady stretching exercise in daily life not only maintains a flexible and strong body, but also improves the quality of life, maintains optimal health, and makes life energetic.

It is notable that the bestseller “Stretching Anatomy,” which sold more than 450,000 copies worldwide, 강남피쉬안마 explains stretching through clear anatomy as if it were seen through an X-ray.

Not only does it shows the muscles that are exercising in a picture of a color plate, but it also explains in detail how the muscles emphasized as exercise posture changes, how the difficulty of movement changes, and how applied exercise can improve safety and effects.

The Stretching Guidelines section details safety considerations and level-specific application exercises along with the process and effectiveness of all exercises.

In the revised 3rd edition ‘Stretching Anatomy’, 11 new stretches were added while supplementing the basic background of stretching exercise and basic information on such exercises.

For example, four new stretching for feet and ankles added to Chapter 2 can help ease problems on your feet, especially if you sit for a long time. Chapter 7 adds three static (靜的) stretching and one dynamic (動的) stretching to help with shoulder problems.

Chapter 10 includes programs that improve the performance of daily activities by increasing flexibility and mobility, and stretching programs for people sitting or standing throughout the week. Chapter 11: A stretching program for three new sports has been added to the sport-specific program.

“Stretching Anatomy” can be read from the beginning, but it is edited so that it does not interfere with reading what you need. In addition, this book can be applied to majors such as physical education, medicine, nursing, physical therapy, sports massage, aerobics, dance, track and field, ball (球技), and body building. Of course, it is easy to understand so that ordinary people can follow it easily in their daily lives

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