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This time, I will introduce the players who have been number 7 for United since Ronaldo. While all the players I talked to on the side of the award were legends who played a big role in United, the players who will introduce today will feel a little different. I’ve told you before, but I excluded the bench player, Michael Owen, and Antonio Valencia, who had a short seven
The first player I’d like 스포츠중계 to introduce to you is Angel Di Maria. Di Maria inherited Antonio Valencia’s number seven, which was a short number seven, and moved to Real Madrid in the summer of 2014 with great expectations. But he did not fit the tactics of United’s Van Hal and did not adapt well to the Premier League stage. As a result, Di Maria was strongly linked to Paris Saint-Germain in a year and United seemed to allow his transfer.
As a result, the transfer process seemed to be proceeding smoothly, but Di Maria did not participate in the training without any contact, and was eventually hit by the robbery and eventually ended the worst with United. Di Maria’s failures included injuries, adaptation failures, and tactical problems, but he showed a lot of performance that was far below expectations, lacked professional consciousness, and had to face many criticisms from United fans due to remarks after the transfer.
The next player to introduce is Memphis Defei. Depay scored 22 goals in 30 league games in the 14-15 season in Eredivisie, and thanks to his performance, PSV Eindhoven won the league in seven years. United, who was closely watching his performance, succeeded in his recruitment next season, and he wants his number seven and he will receive seven numbers at United.
However, he was very passive in defensive participation and scored only two goals in the league with the worst score conversion rate among EPL strikers in his debut season. Instead of getting better next season, he was the worst and eventually was considered one of the worst legacies of former United coach Louis Van Hal and moved to Olympique Lyon in January of the 16-17 season
The third player to introduce is Alexis Sanchez; in January 2018 United and Arsenal signed a swap deal to exchange Henrik Mikitarian and Alexis Sanchez. Sanchez was called King of North London with 80 goals in 169 games during his career at Arsenal, and he made many United fans excited by taking a video of United’s cheering on the piano in the transfer official video.
But his form, which has been transferred to United, has fallen sharply and his 17-18 season record at United has been only 18 games, three goals and five assists. Sanchez’s next season was worse and given his weekly salary of about 700 million won, the record of two goals and four assists in 27 games was inevitably felt terrible. With this worst slump, Sanchez left for Inter in the 19-20 season, and he showed good performance on the Italian stage and Inter showed his willingness to recruit. Eventually, Sanchez signed a full transfer contract with Inter and has become a full inter player since this season.
The last player to introduce is Edinson Cavani, who is currently the number seven player in United. Cavani joined United last summer with a free contract in the transfer market, but his frequent injury history and high weekly salary initially attracted a lot of fans. But Cavani soon succeeded in proving his class.
Originally United’s main striker, Anthony Marshall, fell into a severe slump this season, and Cavani naturally played more games. Unlike Marshall, he showed active defensive participation and led United to an uptrend with important goals.In the last 10 rounds, the team was being dragged 2-0 to Southampton by the first half, but as soon as the second half began, Cavani was replaced and he was also a saver for United with two goals and one assist in just 45 minutes

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