In my case, he told me that my lower body and pelvis may be the cause.

Not too long ago, after suffering from back pain, I was recommended a good place for Daejeon sports massage by my acquaintance. Since I work sitting down all the time, I naturally get back pain.

Of course, it’s a priority to go to the hospital first?!

I went to the hospital, but they said there were no major problems, so I visited Dunsan Sports Aroma, which is good at massage in Daejeon.
If you take the elevator and get off, Daejeon Massage Dunsan Sports Aroma is located right in front of you, so it’s very easy to find.

The price seemed to be reasonable.

Actually, it was hard to go anywhere in Daejeon because I didn’t have a car.

There is a massage shop in Jeonmin-dong where I live, but it is a massage shop that relaxes tight muscles or recovers fatigue.

But the place I’m looking for is a place where I can heal with it, and then I found a place called Dungsan Sports Aroma.

It’s business hours.

It’s open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.
As soon as we arrived, the blogger spirit came into play and looked inside first.

It was neat inside.

And the calm classical music made me 건마 feel comfortable.

Overall, it’s warm and cozy.
It’s cute with a Christmas tree.
Dunsan Sports Aroma, a good place for sports massage in Dunsan-dong, is also available for parking.
This is the counter.

Payment and simple consultation are available in front of the counter.

I think it’s a good idea to apply for a membership system because there’s an exceptional price discount for membership.

And inside, there is a sofa where you can wait or get counseling.

Before I got a massage, I went inside after hearing some simple instructions.

I’ve been looking into her surgical history, her usual discomfort, etc.

You will perform massage according to your personal condition.

You will perform massage according to your personal condition.
There is a dressing room behind the counter.

The changing room is for women only.

Men will take off their clothes in the massage room where they receive a massage.

The dressing room is equipped with a shower, toilet, hairbrush, hair straightener, and hair dryer.

So you can check your condition before and after the massage.

When you get a massage, your hair gets damaged and pressed, right?

It was nice to take a shower or clean my hair in the dressing room.
The changing room is equipped with a shower room, a locker, a dressing table, a hair comb, and a hair straightener.
Here’s a picture of the inside of the massage room.

Overall, it was spacious and pleasant.

I think it would be great to come here for a couple massage.

I came to get a massage by myself, so I drew the curtains and got a massage.

As I said before, men can take off their clothes inside the massage room.

Before you get a massage, check your body according to what you talked about.

Through various positions, check the condition of the body bone and muscles and determine the direction of the massage.

The good thing is that I checked my physical condition thoroughly and trusted him.

Please check your physical condition and explain where you are going to focus on today.

Actually, I couldn’t understand it all because it was difficult.

In my case, I visited because of back pain.

So after checking the condition of the waist through various poses, he explained it in detail using the waist model and told us about the expected problems.

It was much faster to understand after hearing the model.

And I started massaging in earnest.

I usually get an aroma massage from time to time, but sports massage is a little different from aroma massage.

If the regular massage is cool and relieves fatigue, the sports massage feels like healing and correcting.

The sports massage felt like healing and proofreading.

I got a 50 minute sports massage, and it’s been 70 minutes since I got a detailed massage.

I’ve never had a sports massage before, but it wasn’t a normal Thai massage or a gat.

However, I felt that I was correcting the part where I was sick and my bones felt cool.
And not only the waist, but also the neck, shoulders, pelvis, and calf.

During the massage, the chief said that my lower body is much weaker than my upper body, so my lower leg seems to be hurting.

He told me that my back can be hurt by various muscles and my lower body and pelvis can be the cause.

Lastly, after the massage, he explained the posture and exercise method to ease back pain at home.

I was really touched by the meticulous and detailed explanation!!

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