I warmed up and healed myself.

As the weather got colder and colder, I naturally crouched down, and I couldn’t feel refreshed, but still felt dazed.~

I thought it would be better to release it quickly, so I thought it was located near Gil-dong Station and Gangdong Station.

I went to Gildong Station Thai Massage The Sim.Yo~

Gil-dong Station Massage Thesiam is located on the roadside of Gil-dong Intersection, making it easy to find and accessible.

It’s located on the 7th floor, but there’s an elevator, so I’m not worried.

Since the sign is not big, I recommend you look at the new address and find the building.

The door was so big in the form of an open-door that I felt like I was going into a luxurious hotel or palace.Yo~

Some of you might think it’s weird because you can’t see the inside at first.

The middle part is open, so you can see the inside, and there is also a passage from the exorcism gate right next to it.

If you want to take care of yourself, go inside!

Since you’re still a Corona poet, temperature measurements and hand sanitizers are essential!!

Gil-dong Station in Siam’s quarantine rules in the case of the massage with ventilation and every hour, disinfecting, steady progress It was like, too.~

I’m a little relieved to see each other being careful! I also didn’t take off my mask until I was done with my care.

Gildong Station Massage 강동 건마 Dusiam, which was quite large.

There were about 10 rooms, and the waiting room was pretty big.~~~ It’s enough space without a reservation system.

After making a reservation, I felt like I was using a large space by myself. And a kind staff member explains one by one.

He’s so kind and he explains it so well!

Gildong Station Massage Thesiam’s price tag!!

We are holding various events, so I recommend you get cool care at a low price.

For those who come often, VIP membership with more benefits seems to be the best!

A variety of rooms~ Starting with a private one-person room, it’d be nice for couples can share.

And when you come with your friends, you can use a multi-person room.

And most of all, the lighting in the multi-person room is no joke~ I can feel the warm sunlight!

I was guided to a private single room because I was alone.

We barely operate the corona now, but cypress hinokitang!!

I’ve only been to the room, but I can smell the cypress.I can’t wait to end the Korora and warm myself up in this soup.

Warm food and hot soup are the best in cold winter.

It was a place where you can get a massage right after enjoying the soup.

After warming up and getting a massage, my body starts moving.

I think it’ll be refreshing if I get this much care on a really hard day.

She chose an aroma massage, prepared clothes, disposable underwear.~~

The towels are very well-washed.

And a clean shower!

The towels are also neatly organized, and everything you need for a shower is ready.

If you take care of yourself and wash yourself in hot water, you won’t nod in cold winter weather!

When you get out of your clothes, you can take a foot bath and foot massage in a place where you can take a foot bath.

Maybe it’s because it’s cold outside, but as soon as I put my foot in the hot water, it stings and melts.~~

A local Thai administrator gave me a thorough foot massage, and I liked it because it had moderate pressure.

When I took a foot bath, I was soaking my feet that I was bored.

I was able to spend time watching entertainment shows on TV.

And warm tea. (Use disposable cups for safety because it’s a Corona situation)

Most of all, I loved these pillows.~~

The wooden pillow with a face supporting a one-time protective seat made me feel cleaner.

And latex pillow played a part. lie on one’s stomachThere were times when I felt pressure in my chest.

When I put the pillow on my chest, I felt no pressure at all and rather comfortable.

In case of massage, a Korean employee asked me if I wanted to get more, so I focused on that part more.

She took care of it. It’s an aroma massage, but it’s a good way to relieve your body.

I fell asleep, but it was so cool. I had no problem communicating with the Thai staff, so I asked them carefully.

Taking care of it makes me more satisfied! I warmed up and healed myself.

For those who want to get care near Gildong Station, I strongly recommend Gildong Station Thai Massage Dusiam.

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