Massage cream has a 100-year tradition of clean environment in the Austrian Alps.

Hello, this is her skincare office in Yongho-dong, Busan.

It’s getting warmer outside these days, so I might not wear a mask.

But you can’t give up going out.

You have a lot of difficulties in your life.

For customers who are worried about skin trauma due to wearing masks,

I have a lot of consultation inquiries.

Side effects of wearing masks, sensitivity, and skin care for troubled skin

I will post the method that is carried out in her management office in Yongho-dong, Busan.

/Side Effects of Wearing Mask/mask

☆Breathing water comes into contact with body temperature and the temperature rises

It can also be a breeding ground where bacteria can be parasitic.

☆High carbon dioxide and humidity have reduced skin barrier function

It makes your skin sensitive and troubled.

☆ Front cheeks, back of ears are pressed, so skin pressure, muscular atrophy, lymphatic circulation disorder

Muscle drooping and face edema can occur.

Let me introduce you to the management process that can solve skin problems caused by side effects of wearing a mask.

Sensitive, Trouble Regeneration Management

◆Administrative order◆

Cleansing →Keratinizer or sedation, 인계동 스웨디시 sebum control pack→Trouble theorem→Manual technique→ample administration→primary pack→second mask

1.Cleaning and toner use highly recognizable French product DeGleo.

2. Use four types of Ebasol pito ampoule depending on the skin condition.

Evasol is an Italian product consisting of herbs and medicinal plants.

3.Massage Cream is an organic aroma stick product from a clean environment in the Austrian Alps with a 100-year tradition.

Aloe vera cream, St. Jones water oil.

로에Aloe vera cream※

Aloe vera leaf, lavender, carendula, avocad, top spot

calming activated skin and tissue, lymphatic abscess, edema release

Rapid recovery of damaged skin, moisture supply, and skin protection film production

Saint Jones Water Oil

Western red pepper wood oil

skin regeneration, regeneration after burn treatment, strengthening cotton power, anti-inflammatory, sedation

Just as fresh ingredients are important for food, the process of skin care is important, but the products you use are more important.

Her skincare office in Yongho-dong, Busan, is a place where she can trust everything from beginning to end.

We take good care of you.

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