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For the feeling of contact with the skin at level 1:

It’s only a gentle echo, but it’s loud.

It didn’t sting, but the stimulus was strong.

If you feel it, I’m going to use water-soluble cosmetics.

It is said that you can use it more generously.

case of use

It rolls smoothly without any force.

Principle that only works when the surface is close to each other

Therefore, I felt that safety was excellent.

One thing you need to be careful about is before use.

Precious metals must be removed from the body.

We’re looking at LED lights.

You should use it so that it doesn’t touch your eyes directly.

Among the moisturizing creams I usually use,

Spread a lot of wrinkle-enhancing.

It’s not fully absorbed.

out of direct contact with the eye

I used both cheeks, chin, and forehead in order.

Head flexes with flexion.

It was easy to handle, and it worked.

It automatically counters the 인천 스웨디시 time.

It turns off automatically at the end of the day.

All you have to do is rub it. It’s the world’

In a way, you want to focus on your care.

It could be used in close contact with the area.

I was particularly depressed and bothered.

I focused on the parts.

EMS low-frequency devices always have tight muscles.

I used it to release it, but it’s actually a face massage device.

It was different when I used the one on board.

The level at which the Rebellion started is lower than I thought.

It doesn’t sound like it’s ringing. It doesn’t feel like anything

It was easy to adapt.

It’s not completely irregular. It’s rather…

Patting/Pressuring/Pouring in Fit Mode

a program to pull/unlock/calibrate

It’s done, so it’s better than when you press it hard with a roller.

I also felt cool.

Before/after use comparison

There was no sign of a major redness.

The moisturizing cream absorbed well.

once dull as a facelift care

To brighten up the tone.

be in use

It’s easy to use at home.

Trim the face line, nourish and moisturize.

And the discharge of waste material to keep it alive.

They made me a face massage machine.

MD Planner E5 with EMS Programming

I think it’s worth a try.

As you get older,

with the ever-deepening creases,

Chal-Nara, where the sagging elasticity was bothering me.

I feel like I’ve found what I needed.

It’s not a hassle, so from now on, it’s simple at home.

Facial crease lifting and facial massage management are consistent

I think I can do it for you 🙂

In times like these days when going out is careful and not easy,

Everybody’s thinking the same thing, so I use it.

What if your eyes are on the MD Planner E5 device you have?

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