You’ll never regret it.

Because I can’t travel abroad
I thought I should go to Jeju Island
I planned a trip to Jeju Island.

I want to relieve my fatigue
I thought about this trip
I added a massage course.

But I don’t know which place is good
I think I searched and searched a lot.

I’ve been looking into it and people’s reviews are good
There is a place I like.

You can take a foot bath while watching the sea
It’s a place where the employees are good
I thought I should visit there.

The place I went this time is
Like us, famous for Chinese massage
This is where I do it.

I loved this place from one to ten
I think it would be nice to share
I will leave a review.
Please pay attention!

At a time like this
I’m sure it’s crowded here
I’m reluctant.

Most of all, this place is at one hour
Because only one team takes reservations
It was good because it wasn’t crowded.

With a friend I went with in a quiet place
I’m the only one who can spend time
I really liked it.

And the shop itself was too clean.
The entrance is being managed neatly
It was a place where I could feel it clearly.

And I really liked this place
The interior was decorated with cypress.

As you can see from the picture, the inside is
It’s made of cypress
It smells very good.

Phytoncide from cypress
It’s good for your health
Everybody knows that.

Not only does it remove odors, but it also relieves people’s stress
Thanks to phytoncide that relieves me
As soon as I entered, I felt calm and healed.

This is why we’re going to the right place
I thought I came to see you.

When I look at the menu, it’s in Jeju dialect
It was unique.

I can feel that I’m traveling to Jeju Island
It was kind and nice.
It was unique and fun 😀

There were various courses
The staff asked me which course is good
He answered kindly.

There are delicious tea and various snacks here
I provided it.

Because I drink warm tea
I covered my whole body warmly and became more comfortable.

So that I can heal
I felt like I was being offered something intact
I really liked it.

The snacks here were also really delicious.
Among them, I have lactic acid bacteria
I really liked it.

It’s already a Chinese massage for many people
It’s a place with good reviews. As soon as I got in
I felt for sure why.

Let’s take a foot bath
You can see the ocean view
It fascinated me.

I feel refreshed while taking a foot bath
I felt it, and the snow was also pleasant
I could not help but be satisfied.

The gown I was wearing also felt very good.
These little things are for the customer
I felt like I cared.

I took an hour and 40 minutes course called Jjitddenghage
I did it.
I can’t wait to get a massage
I was excited and excited.

It’s a bed that we took care of.
You’re in good shape
I could feel relieved.

Many people prefer clean places these days
I saw that the boss really cared about it.

The course I did this time was
The most popular Chinese massage shop
It’s called a course.
We were recommended too
I highly recommend it.

First, they release the whole body with aroma oil.
After that, I’ll return to the warm Jeju Meokdol
I’m giving you a massage and it’s really cool.

Most of all, the massage therapist’s ability is amazing
It’s just killing me~

It’s so cool
I was thinking about it, but it turned out
If you’re a Chinese massager, you’ve been trained
I used to be a tailor-made teacher.

Maybe that’s why I know exactly what’s wrong
I’ll point it out and give you a massage
It was so cool!

You put the stone on my back
The warm feeling captivated my whole body.

I do a stone massage
I heard it also enhances the aroma effect.

And the blood circulation is good. It’s very tight
It relieves every corner of my body
I felt it. I’m so satisfied!
I’m satisfied again.

I have a bad shoulder
Your arms and shoulders are very tight
They worked hard to solve this problem.

The fatigue I’ve accumulated so far is all at once
I felt like I was getting better.

Oh, right!
Stone is not a normal stone
It is called natural Jeju Meokdol.
That’s why they release toxins from the body
They say it’s more helpful.

It’s all tied up to your feet
I can’t sleep well when I pat them all.

I use stone to finish the massage
Lastly, please massage with your bare hands.

One hour and forty minutes went by
I passed by so quickly.

I’m relieved of all my fatigue
Even if I travel to Jeju Island next time
He said he’d go back 휴대폰 정보이용료 for a Chinese massage
I’ve got a brace.

Like us, aroma Chinese massage, Jeju Chinese massage, Seogwipo massage, Jeju Island massage

You’re the kindest staff
Even when I got home, I kept thinking about it.

If there is a good place to get a massage in Jeju island
I didn’t even think about recommending it
I would like to recommend this place.

Like us, aroma Chinese massage, Jeju Chinese massage, Seogwipo massage, Jeju Island massage

If you look at the video, it’s about this place
I thought you could see it clearly
I’ll leave a video as well.

And it’s shabby
I also leave a proof shot.

A good massage shop in the middle gate
If you recognize me, I’ll come here
I would like to recommend it.

I’ll leave the address and phone number below
You should consult about the reservation.
You’ll never regret it.

You’re in a good mood here
I hope you have a healing time

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