They bruise better than anyone else, and they bruise more easily.
lived on

Before I start writing,
First of all, I’m a flounder.
The bruise was almost one-third of the bridge in the first three weeks.
It changed the position every day, frowning the viewer.
Not to mention the back of the foot and the shin under the ankle.
I had my thighs in my arms.
I didn’t really care.
As I wrote at first, I think that’s how you work out.
It’s just that they bruise better and bruise easier than anyone else.
lived on
I used it as proof that he was working hard.
Mom and Dad at home.
You want to work out while you’re doing that, and you’re doing it with your hands.
My brother asked me if I was lying that my sister got beaten up and came back from working out.
No, it’s not!
My family’s eyes could be like that, so I posted a picture of a bruise saying that I started jiu jitsu on my SNS as proof of my hard work.
(S&S are all connected to close friends.
When I was a teacher and when I studied individually, my friends praised me and encouraged me to work hard.
I expected such a warm atmosphere, but everyone began to worry about it like their family.
Not one of my friends contacted me after seeing SNS, saying, “You really have to go to the hospital.”
Some seriously asked me if I was getting beaten up just like my brother.
Now that I think about it, I think it was the same reaction because I didn’t have any friends who worked out like this.
Of course, I’m still a beginner, so I only tap, but the people who sparred with me did it moderately, and I think it was 70 that I struggled.
I said no.
But worries that last for three weeks.
And my arm is so thin for my face that it’s going to break.
It reminded me of the old days.
If you pull that thin arm, you’ll hurt. I said it was like three days.
Come to think of it, I remember when I was in kindergarten, my friend pulled my arm and pulled it out.
That’s why my arms have been floundering since I was a kid, and I took it for granted, so I didn’t go to the hospital until now.
So I’ve been like this ever since, and my mom was so surprised that I just said I was going to the hospital, and I was scared from then on.
As I said at first, I am a flounder.
I went to orthopedic surgery and internal medicine to see if anything was going on.
I didn’t have any problems until now, but I didn’t mean to.
I don’t think there’s anything 주짓수 wrong with the blood test, and I X-rayed my shoulders!
Bones don’t have x-ray problems, and once they’re young, they’ve increased their muscles, they’ve come back, so they’re constantly spinning.
And compared to the right, the left side was leather directly above the bone.
I was just exercising my arms the same way, but I couldn’t grow my left side.
I thought I was right-handed all this time.
If you don’t grow muscles, you’ll probably get arthritis early as you get older.
My shoulders are falling off.
Once you’re out, you’ll keep falling out, and you’ll have to operate at the fifth time.
Twenty-three years of anchovy life, if you don’t force your shoulders, it’s time for trouble.

While I was warm, I asked about the tendon in the back of my foot that I hurt while doing Taekwondo.
He’s already been hurt and transformed. I can’t help it.
It’s said that it’ll be a little worse to bend later than others.
There’s no such thing as a big pain. That’s enough.
No worries
Let’s just grow out our shoulders.
The bruises have shrunk!

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