It’s still a lot of temperature difference, so it may be hot during the day, but I think I have to carry my coat.

It’s Doohan Earnings.
Did you all go to work well today?
I was wondering if the weather was going to get warmer, but it rained on the weekend.
Maybe so, I felt quite chilly in the morning.
The temperature range is still very high, so it may be hot during the day,
It’s like the weather I have to take my coat with me.
Completed installation of the roof skyning of Jangchung-dong

Today’s posting is about Jangchung-dong rooftop skyning.
March is coming, and I’m waiting for spring, on the roof of the building.
There are more places to install skyning.
In the case of skyning, I think it’s semi-permanent.
Available and interior design
It has a luxurious effect.
I think it’s an earring that many people have been looking for lately.

Installation of the roof skyning in Jangchung-dong, too.
The two Korean earning teams worked on the site.
Based on years of know-how, I’m going to be able to learn more about
We divided the positions and 스카이어닝 proceeded with the work.
The area we set up this time is located in a narrow alley.
It’s a building. It’s a building that I’ve been struggling with.
It was an area of memory.
But that’s also what happens in pre-meeting.
I checked, so I didn’t take the time out of here.
We’re going to get the materials to the site as planned.
I was able to move it.

The installation of the roof skyning in Jangchung-dong,
Because it was impossible to produce one set of eonning,
Make one side long and one side short.
Sky-anning to match the field structure
We made and installed two sets.

For those of you who don’t know Plaza Earnings,
Leave the Plaza Earnings at the bottom.
It would be helpful if you could refer to it.
We use it like this at Plaza Earnings Cafe.
Hello, everyone.It’s Doohan Earnings.Did you enjoy your lunch?

That’s more than the roofing site expected.
It was a very small area.
The pile of materials overlaps with the working property.
It took more time to work than expected.
But for a complete skyning installation,
I worked on the standard procedure thoroughly.
The installation has been successfully completed.

It was supposed to be a day’s work, but…
The lines of travel overlap and we’re spending time together.
The work was completed in 2 days.
It took me a day longer than I expected.
The results are safe and pretty.
a very satisfying task
I’m done, and I’m sure you’ll be able to tell the client
I’m going to explain what’s done.
I told you about the management and operation.
Now, even if it snows, rains, or hot years,
There’s plenty of room on the roof for you to relax.
It’s new.
From now on, Doohan Eonning will continue to be strong and pretty Eonning.
I will do my best to complete it.

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