You’re relaxing all of your hand-wrapped muscles, and after the massage,

Hello~ It’s quiet these days, but there are still a lot of confirmed people. I’ve been working from home all day these days. Everyone’s asking if it’s okay to not go to work, but I’ve been in front of the computer all day, but I feel like my commute has disappeared. While I was looking for a massage shop to refresh myself and heal myself, I visited the swaddish massage shop in Incheon because there was a good review.

The ‘Pro-Swedish’ shop I visited is located at Hogupo Station in Nonhyeon-dong, Incheon. I took my car and it was free to park in the building. If I go to a place where I can’t park, I have to go around looking for a parking space, and if I use a paid parking lot, I was able to visit comfortably without worrying about parking because it was a waste of money.

The Swedish massage shop is open from 11 a.m. to 4 a.m. If your phone is turned off, it’s called a closing or random holiday. If the reservation time exceeds 10 minutes without contacting us, the reservation will be automatically canceled, so if there is any change, please contact us in advance.

Before entering the shop, I wrote a visit log after hand disinfection and body temperature measurement. The 화성건마 Incheon massage shop regularly disinfects the entire store every 2-3 hours. They say there’s no chance to run into a reservation because it’s based on the customers’ movements. I was able to get a massage comfortably without worrying about Corona because you were paying attention to preventing Corona even though she was losing money.

The Incheon Swedish massage shop was cozy overall. The lighting wasn’t too bright or too dark, and the furniture with a neat design looked cleaner. The size of the shop was quite large. It was nice because it was open and not stuffy.

The Incheon massage shop gave me warm welcome and some snacks. They gave me a traditional Thai tea, Belfruit tea, and I remember drinking it deliciously when I went to Thailand. They say it’s a great car for dieting and bronchial tubes. I heard they give me this tea because it’s good to drink before and after the massage because it’s excellent for fatigue recovery. I really liked that the Swedish massage shop even gave me a car while thinking of customers.

There were nice statues everywhere. They were decorative items that had a lot of Thai vibes. I was sad that I couldn’t travel abroad and missed it. I was able to enjoy the feeling of visiting the massage shop in Incheon, so I was excited and excited.~

I heard about the swedish massage shop’s program while drinking tea. Course A consisted of 80,000 won for 40 minutes, 100,000 won for 1 hour for course B, and 130,000 won for course C 90 minutes.

It’s been a long time since I got a massage, so I wanted to solve it properly at the swedish massage shop in Incheon. I chose C course because I heard that you get a lot of B and C courses.

The Incheon massage manager guided me to the fitting room. The locker was a password. It’s comfortable because I don’t have to carry around my keys or worry about losing them. There was plenty of space in the locker, so it was easy to store my luggage.

The Swedish massage manager prepared a maintenance suit in advance, but it felt really cozy as soon as I put it in, maybe because the fabric was good. It was good to wear when you get treatment because it was well-ventilated and light. The towels and the maintenance suit are all washed well, so they’re very soft and dry smell.

I came to the foot bath room to take a foot bath. The lighting was a little low, so it was cozy and cushioned and cushioned. It was full of pleasant scents. Incheon Swedish massage shop was the best environment to relax without thinking about anything.

I took out the colorful and fragrant foot bath and dipped my feet in it. These days, I felt like my fatigue and stress were melting away from the foot bath. The subtle scent made me feel comfortable. The Swedish massage shop didn’t include foot baths during maintenance hours, so I could relax and enjoy them.

A Korean massage manager in Incheon guided me to my room. It felt like the gentle sound of music and aroma scented candle was welcoming. I felt like I was relaxed before I got a massage because my feet got lighter from the foot bath.

They put a disposable cover on me before I started taking care of it. Sometimes, when you visit a place without a cover, it’s not hygienic and it’s very uncomfortable and uncomfortable, so you get a lot of care. In the Swedish massage shop, you can take care of it comfortably by taking care of the cover like a shop that cares about cleanliness.

First, you stretch your entire body. At first, I was nervous because I was afraid it would hurt or tickle, so my body kept tightening. The more I received it, the more I received it, the more my Incheon Swedish massage manager skillfully loosened my joints, and I was able to relax a little bit.

He loosened his muscles with oil and he controlled the pressure really well. It hurts even if you touch it a little bit, but when you go into a painful place, you should adjust it gently because the Incheon aroma massage manager was a professional! He relaxes his muscles by hand, but when he moved after the massage, there was a big difference between before and after he received it! It’s been a while since my shoulders got lighter and I felt unfamiliar.

The Swedish massage shop also had a very clean shower room. There was no hair or water on the floor. I had all the shower products and disposable items I needed, so I could finish it comfortably.
Lastly, they gave me a warm tea and it made me feel comfortable inside. I hope you get the skills of a professional when you need healing or feel tired from your daily life! I’m going to stop by the swedish massage shop in Incheon again soon!

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