I will definitely visit this place again next time!

Hello everyone~ There was a lot of snow yesterday. I don’t think I’ll be able to get to work, so I’m taking a day off after taking an annual leave. It started snowing little by little on the way out of yesterday’s massage, but I didn’t know it would snow this much. The snow piled up in a short time. But I don’t know if it’s because I got a massage or because I don’t go to work, the rest feels sweeter. Let me introduce you to the 24 o’clock massage shop in Bucheon I visited yesterday.~

The Pattaya I went to is located 3 minutes walk from Exit 5 of Sangdong Station in Bucheon. It’s easy to find because it’s a road shop and I went by public transportation, but it was close to the station so I could go comfortably. People who bring their cars will be able to visit without worrying about parking because the shop offers free parking tickets.

It’s open 24 hours a day, and it’s open on weekends. Even if I wanted to get a massage at dawn, the door was open at any time, so I always felt comfortable because I could get a massage at 24 o’clock if I called in advance.

I was able to enter the shop after checking my hand sanitation and body temperature. It’s a bit scary to stay outside when the corona is severe these days, but Bucheon massage shop sterilizes the entire shop every two hours. Also, I was able to get a massage comfortably 부천 건마 because I saw the managers disinfecting the shop from time to time.

The 24 o’clock massage shop was very neat and modern. Maybe because the ceiling of the store is high, it looks much bigger than other places and it’s nice that it’s not stuffy when it’s open. It’s because the interior is pretty, so a lot of young people will find it.

The massage shop in Bucheon gave me warm welcome. I don’t remember the name, but he said it’s a traditional Thai car. The scent was similar to Oolong tea. The taste is similar, but there’s definitely a difference. As a person who enjoys drinking tea, it was amazing that I had never seen it before, but it tasted good, so I was able to enjoy it deliciously.

Thailand, Aroma, and Special. There were three things. First of all, Bucheon Thai Massage was 30,000 won for 70 minutes on course A, B course was 35,000 won for 70 minutes on course A, B course was 45,000 won for 100 minutes, and C course was 130 minutes, and special course was 50,000 won for 1 hour on Thai and aroma.

I was really surprised because the price was so low! The time was only for pure maintenance time, not for admission and check-out, and the most expensive course was 60,000 won. Don’t you think it’s the same price as 10 years ago? I went to the 24 o’clock massage shop because I heard it was a cost-effective shop, but it was cheap, so I chose the aroma C course.Thinking about getting refreshed for more than 2 hours, I was really looking forward to it.

There was a separate smoking room in Bucheon massage shop at 24:00. I feel very happy to be here because I’m a smoker. Most of the time, I have to go outside and open it, but it’s very annoying to go up and down, but I don’t have to go out at the massage shop at 24 o’clock, so it’s comfortable. I couldn’t smell any cigarettes outside because of the good ventilation.

I came to the fitting room to change my clothes. It was good to keep clothes and luggage because they gave me a separate key. The dressing room was also spacious, so there was no inconvenience in changing clothes. The Bucheon massage shop prepared a maintenance suit, but it has a good texture to see if it’s washed well. I only changed my clothes, but I’m already feeling light!

I changed my clothes and moved to the foot bath to get a foot bath. There are 4 foot baths, so up to 4 people can be treated at the same time. Maybe because the size of the store is so big, even if you visit as a group, you can get it together if you contact me in advance, so it’s Bucheon 24 o’clock massage shop that’s perfect for everyone to take care of!

First, the massage manager cleans my feet at 24 o’clock, and every time I receive it, I feel itchy and embarrassed! But after washing up like this, I felt my feet get lighter at once. They even put a foot bath in warm water, and the gentle scent that makes your feet feel comfortable. I felt like I was relieving my stress of ten years.~

There were air purifiers everywhere at the Aroma massage shop in Bucheon. Each room has one set up, so when I get a massage, I feel refreshed when I get a clean air and take care of it. I really liked this place, thinking about air quality.

I headed to the room with the manager. There were simple Thai terms in the room. If you can’t communicate when you get a massage, it would be hard for you to communicate, but the massage shop at 24 o’clock explained the massage terms easily, so I was able to get it comfortably without worrying about that.

The manager of the massage shop in Bucheon gave me a dry massage first. They were doing it slowly from the head, but they put in the right amount of pressure and found the cool blood cells. I didn’t know that scalp massage alone was so refreshing.

It hurts a little when you massage my neck and shoulders. Even if you do it softly, I’m so close that it was really hard just to touch it. When I got on the hands of the Bucheon massage manager, it hurt at first, but the more I received it, the cooler it got. The tight muscles are fine, but the difference between the first time I came to the salon and the first time I received them was very clear.

Wouldn’t it be really refreshing to get proper care and take a shower? The shower room at the 24 o’clock massage shop was very clean. It was cleaned as if it was my first time using it without any moisture or hair. I thought you cared a lot about cleanliness here. Shower products were all prepared as well.

We also had all the disposable products and skincare products we needed. It’s a Bucheon massage shop where you can visit anytime because everything is ready to get a massage.

They prepared me to drink tea after taking a shower. The 24 o’clock massage shop in Bucheon was perfect for everything, including the price and quality of care. Even if you look for it with your eyes closed, you won’t be able to find this price. I will definitely visit this place again next time!

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