If you’re looking for a good massage place, I recommend Awesome.

Today, I went to a massage shop in Yulryang-dong, Cheongju:)

I’ve been poking around lately, and I’ve been feeling dazed.

I don’t think there’s any blood circulation.

I was so, so, so hungry,

There is a very famous house in Yulryang-dong.long

I quickly made a reservation and came back!

Every person in Cheongju knows about this hot.

Right there, full of good restaurants in Yulryang-dong.

There are so many massage shops on the street!

I’ve been to Awesome Thai, which is located there.Haha

I always get a massage around there.

I want to, but there are so many massage shops.

I always thought about going to Audie.

If you go up to the third floor,

It’s a clean entrance.

In front of the door that says Awesome.

It says to dial the doorbell.

I pressed it over there, and the door opened.~

The inside of Awesome Thai is very luxurious.

Among the massage shops I’ve been to in Yulryang-dong,

Among the massage parlors in 구월동 마사지 Cheongju,

It was the most luxurious and beautiful!

The lights inside are so pretty.

Clean the air with an air purifier

It was a clean shop.

There’s a foot bath.

I need to take a foot bath before I get a massage.

When the body’s warmed up and the blood circulation started to circulate,

It’s very, very good.

It’s around the price range of Awesome Thai.Haha

The most famous thing about Awesome Thai is

It’s called a cream massage.

It’s a course similar to an oil massage.

Moisturizing without the fluid’s slippery and stickiness.

I heard it’s very popular because I can get a massage.

I was very curious.

I’d love to get one someday.

Today, we’re going to have a traditional Thai massage.

I’m supposed to get a 60-minute massage.

the passageway to the hall

I feel like I’m a very Thai aristocrat.

Luxurious interior design, pleasing to the eye.

It was spaces.

It’s more sophisticated than any other esthetic.

Massage shop in Yulryang-dong at a similar price range

If I can go there, I would really like to recommend this place.

And it’s like we’re in an exhibition hall.

In the middle of the hall, these sculptures

It was on display, and I saw it.

It was fun.Haha

It felt like I was in a gallery.

The hallway’s broken into memory.

It was really long and pretty.Haha

There’s a number in each room.

It’s a very high-quality.

It was a very sophisticated place, and I loved it.

I don’t know much about Yulryang-dong Massage Shop.

You just go in anywhere, you’really.

Sometimes you get caught. Same price.

I really recommend Awesome Thai.

Isn’t the shower so neat and pretty?Hah!

On a dry sink reminiscent of the Little Mermaid.

It was very pleasant and nice to the large and spacious shower room.

Amenities needed, such as towels and dry cotton swabs,

It’s nice to be neatly prepared.

There are many kinds of rooms.

There was a couple room like this.

Couples’ rooms have showers, too.

Get a massage and make it private.

I think it would be great to take a shower.

I’m in the room for a massage today.

I always have a Chinese massage,

I’ve never tried Thai style before.

It was so amazing!

It’s amazing that the bed is on the floor.

The Thai massage I only saw in the movie

I can’t believe I can get it in Korea.

I was so excited and happy.

They prepared a heart-shaped towel.Hah!

Isn’t it so cute?

Put your clothes in the cabinet next to you.

I’ll lie down and wait for the supervisor.

And the Thai massage glossary.

It was written in a kind way.

The manager who did me is not good at Korean.

This ticket was very helpful.Haha

And in Awesome Thai,

At the Thai Massage School,

There are massage parlors who have completed professional training.

The management staff said a lot of people have worked long hours.

It’s the massage that’s taking care of the body.

It’s clear that leaving it to the professionals is a good idea.

It’s more reliable and good.Hah!

In that sense, Awesome’s a great idea.

The supervisor was so nice to me.

The pressure’s so good that my whole body’s warmed up.

I feel like I’m really stuck.

I feel so light that I’m on my way home.

My steps were too light.

Well, actually, massages are…

Rather than what kind of space you get, what kind of manager do you get?

I think it’s really important to receive it.

In Awesome Thai, the manager of the membership coupon

Write your name down and get it from the same person next time.

If you don’t like him, next time you’ll take his place.

He asked someone else and said he could get it from someone else.

I think this is a very good detail.

If you’re looking for a good massage place in Cheongju,

I recommend Yulryang-dong Awesome Thai.

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